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Our daily updated site offers beautiful, natural, nude girls captured in sensuous, professional, dazzling photos of the highest aesthetic quality by the World's best photographers! MET also has an extensive archive of high quality movies MET ART is a complete immersion in flawless beauty.


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MetModels is home to the very best nude art photography in the world. MetModels are, without a doubt, the most beautiful, natural, hypnotic, exotic and erotic women and girls in the entire world. We're constantly searching the globe for new models and currently showcase girls from all over Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, the UK, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the US, Canada and more. Mosterotic metgirls, breathtaking photography, incomparable variety, these are the ingredients that combine to create MetModels.

One good reason to join MET-ART is that for years numerous other sites tried to duplicate us, clearly without success. That by itself is an indicator of who they want to be. Almost no site is imitated as much as we are. Our strength lies in the fact that we established ourselves as the unchallenged nude site. We came this far because we build our massive archive with passion, love, and we hope, good taste; this last element is what really is missing in 99% of our imitations, and it's also what makes photographers want to be on MET-ART. We are, without a doubt, the most diverse art nude site on the planet. Our photographers come from different Countries, from different backgrounds, and most of them have a distinct photographic personality.


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Just one private site with my prefered photographers such as: Grigori Galitsin, Jacques Bourboulon, David Hamilton, Peter Dominic, Sandro Cignali, Don Marcus, Anais Demois, Brian Peterson, Holy Nature, Tony Ward, Andrej Slastyonoff, Alexandre Fedorov, Sergey Goncharov, Andrej Razin, Pasha, Richard Murrian, Alexander Voronin, Jilles Villeprat, Plesko, Roy Stuart, Sergey Skokov and many others.

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Grigori Galitsin Teens

Welcome to Grigori Galitsin - Metgirls! Grigory Galitsin was one of the first internet superstars.

Grigori Galitsin is one of the most famous Russian erotic photographers. His name became a brand in the photographers' soft-erotic world long ago. Galitsin distinguishes miraculous efficiency that together with professional modern gear let him conquer all the heights of art.


Most Beautiful Models

With Galitsin - you can feel the girl's presence! Unsurpassed mastery doesn't allow going beyond the shooting of fascinating metmodels only in the studio but also makes him find virgin corners of nature all over Russia just to emphasize innocent beauty of metgirls in different perspectives and place them at your disposal. He indulged ourselves in selecting the best photos from the best series with the metgirls the subscribers liked best of all. Both experienced and beginners, skilled at glaring femininity and shyness, mosterotic uninhibited and innocent.

On Galitsin-news site of Grigori Galitsin you can appreciate more than 95.000 photos. The newest photos not to be seen anywhere else form the base of the collection.

These captivating metgirls, from the splendid city of Volgograd in the South of Russia with nations mixing having done its best with their features, the talent of the real Master. All this make the works flourish with the unique scent of refinement that the true judges honour most of all. Some clicks - and you can see the fruits of long and steady labour of the Master of Erotic artnude photography. $6.95 for a 3-day trial! Our regular subscribers get access to high resolution full-screen mosterotic teens video. is not a site for hardcore explicit sex lovers, but for those who enjoy the world of erotic art and photography. The photographs are spectacular and will definitely satisfy the visual need of erotic art lovers. Grigori Galitsin definitely deserves the accreditation of being one of today's best erotic photographers!


These captivating models, from the splendid city of Volgograd in the South of Russia with nations mixing having done its best with their features, the talent of the real Master - all this make the works flourish with the unique scent of refinement that the true judges honour most of all.

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Professional-looking layout on the opening page. Appropriate, given that Grigori Galitsin's name is synonymous with classy, high quality images of nude young women.

All Grigori Galitsin Young Russian Sensual Teens.
Adel, Alice, Alina, Anais, Anfisa, Angelina, Ania, Arina, Barbara, Belka, Christina, Cveta, Danielle, Dina, Dunyasha, Elle, Frosya, Gera, Greta, Heline, Inna, Julia, Julietta, Kamilia, Karina, Katerina, Katia, Kim, Koika, Krista, Kristina-nastya, Larisa, Lilya, Lina, Liza, Luba, Maya, Milla, Monica, Natali, Natia, Nelly, Nikita, Nusia, Olea, Olesia, Olga, Paula, Polina, Rapunzel, Sandra, Sati, Sveta, Tamara, Tania, Twins, Uliana, Valentina, Vanna, Varia, Vera, Veraga, Violett and Zina.

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DOMAI Natural Nude

Looking for fine art nude pics or artnude photos of a beautiful nude woman?

Quality nudes - photos of nude models? The best fine nude art, nude pictures, artnude photography? DOMAI has tasteful Fine Art Photography artistic nudes. If you love beautiful women, has them: natural, happy, pretty goddesses who enjoy that you are enjoying their beauty. DOMAI pioneered 'simple nudes', and is still the best and biggest nude site.


The Dirty Old Men's Association International is for unabashed lovers of beauty. DOMAI is an independent society for men (or indeed women) who have the guts to stand forth and say to the world: Are nude photos immoral? No, we think nude photos are natural. Nude photos are not even necessarily sexual, nude photos simply show humans in their natural state.

DOMAI is all about the beauty of pretty girls. For aesthetics is the most important thing there is; that is our philosophy. DOMAI is not really about women, but about the beauty of women. "Pretty Young Girls" are of any age, not just young girls. These certainly have a special aesthetic, but even an 80-year-old can be a PYG if she has class. "I am a Dirty Old Man, and I'm proud of it" To get it out of the way early on, the term "Dirty Old Man" is age-independent. Personally, I have been a DOM since I was knee-high to a duck.

Are nude photos immoral? No, we think ...

The only requirement is that one of a DOMAI greater pleasures in life is admiring beautiful girls. (Perhaps it would be more politically correct to term them Women; but then again, it would probably be futile to worry or supported by any other action.

He is made happy by the world, he knows that he really owns it without having to prove it, and he is not ashamed by his happiness and enjoyment.

On DOMAI site: no porn. No pop-ups. No animated design. Just excellent nude pictures of beautiful girls. And stories and articles too, about beauty, culture and nudity.

Innocent, happy, natural nudes of the most beautiful women in the world. We were the first and are still the best, don't be fooled by imitations.


The Beauty of the Day picture is taken from past favorites. For members there are over 350 different models and 15,000 pictures, and every weeks brings on the average two new models. See samples of newest updates in the newsletter Sign up now.


If you are also interested in making more nudes art from photos in the computer, look here. Here are a couple of sites that may be of use:

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Petter Hegre NewNude

Welcome to Petter Hegre erotic! Hegre has now thousands of mosterotic newnudemag photos...

Sensual Photos. Intimate Films. Amazing Naked Girls. All taken by Petter Hegre, winner of the "Photographer of the year 2001" at the Erotic Oscars in London.

So if you're looking for an erotic experience that will thrill you, inspire you, and affect you deeply, this is your art nude site!


What makes a really great erotic film? We think we know the answer. It's intimacy. Take a beautiful Metgirls, have her remove her clothes, and get intimate with her on film, and you have an erotic masterpiece. That's what Hegre Films are all about. You get intimate with the girl of your dreams. She dances in your lap, she brushes against your skin, you can almost smell her perfume. With our films, you don't just watch. You enter a whole new world of wonderful beauty.

Undoubtedly one of the most productive and popular trips Petter Hegre has taken was his journey to Moscow in search of Russia's top models. And he found them by the dozens! Taking along Luba as a translator and facilitator, to her native Kiev and shoots her young friends naked. Hegre has now thousands of photos of her friends on our site - the adorable Anya, sensual Zhanna, 19 year old Yana, Ira in the shower, Luba and many many more. Nothing can compare to the intimacy Petter Hegre returned with thousands of shots of the mosterotic girls in the world. This page shows you but a small sampling of this artnude collection.

In Hegre famous "Girl-on-Girl" series, you can see what almost no other site can offer - photos of girls taken by Metgirls. And not just any girls, but Luba and her incredible friends. Every month or so, Luba returns this Forum is in itself well worth the price of membership! Guys are posting intimate naked shots of their girlfriends. For amateur artnudes, is as good as it gets.

*** is the personal works of award winning photographer Petter Hegre. is the highest ranked fine art nude photography site in the world. Created to bring superior quality nude photography to the internet, showcases films and photos of the most beautiful naked girls found anywhere on-line.

Previous Avedon assistant and voted Photographer of the Year at the Erotic Oscars in London, Petter Hegre is acknowledged as a new force and major influence on contemporary nude photography. Petter Hegre has published 5 books of nudes and exhibited internationally.

Take the FREE tour with 100s of stunning nude photos and film samples. As an exclusive member you can browse a new Petter Hegre erotic gallery every day and a new erotic film every week. So if you're looking for an erotic experience that will thrill you, inspire you, and affect you deeply, this is your site! Come inside and see why Petter Hegre is the undisputed master of the nude.

As an exclusive member of you will have access to the highest quality collection of nude photos and films on the internet. Each session is captured by award winning photographer Petter Hegre. Welcome to one of the most sought-after sites on the net! During the last 4 years we have published 66.300 exclusive images and 166 films. Below is just a sampling of over one thousand galleries; and with a new series added everyday you simply cannot go wrong! This is just the beginning of a great adventure.

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